Professional Energy Storage Solution

Module series, up to 40 modules in parallel to achieve 204.8 KWH

Introducing Redway Power Modular Battery series with state of the art modular solutions in terms of Energy and Output Power. RP modular series comes with 6,000 cycle life, built in BMS for each module and cell level monitoring and balancing.



PowerModule 4850

PowerModule 5150

PowerModule 48100

PowerModule 51100

Cell Type LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage 48 V 51.2 V 48 V 51.2 V
Nominal Capacity 50 Ah 50 Ah 100 Ah 100 Ah
Series/Parallel Number 15S1P 16S1P 15S1P 16S1P
Dimension (L*W*H) 440 x 410 x 88.5 mm
17.32 x 16.14 x 3.48 in
440 x 410 x 88.5 mm
17.32 x 16.14 x 3.48 in
440 x 420 x 134 mm
17.32 x 16.53 x 5.28 in
440 x 420 x 134 mm
17.32 x 16.53 x 5.28 in
Approx. Net Weight 22 Kg 23 Kg 40 Kg 42 Kg
Working Voltage 37.5 ~ 54.75 V 40 ~ 58.4 V 37.5 ~ 54.75 V 40 ~ 58.4 V
Charge Voltage / Charge Cut-off Voltage 54.75 V 58.4 V 54.75 V 58.4 V

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- The Internal Structure -

Redway Power™ Lithium Battery Module
Deep Cycle and Maintenance Free

You can customize a lot about your equipment, but you can’t customize your battery. That’s for us to do, and you can trust that we did it right. Not only are Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries built smarter, but they’re also built to the highest quality standards.


Our modular series come with our own proprietary BMS for each module that will protect your battery from harm. It's like having a personal body guard for your battery.
The Modular series consists of individual modules that all have an internal Battery Management System (BMS) that acts as a safety net to shut down the battery if it out of parameters. This prevents the battery from overcharging or discharging as well as operating outside of the temperature range.

The Benefits

Intelligent Design
Each module is equipped with an independent intelligent BMS system.

Premium Safety
Made from Lithium Iron Phosphate, It is the safest lithium battery on the market. You can use it indoors or outdoors.

Premium Life Cycle
Compared with the traditional module, RP- Battery Module can meet the capacity storage and greatly enhance the battery cycle life.

Modular Design
Flexible configuration, support parallel expansion.

Free Heat Dissipation
Using Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, It has a lower calorific value.

Environment Friendly
Redway Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery produces zero emissions or carbon footprint during use, emits no greenhouse gases, and does not damage the environment. It's good for you and the planet.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Can Power




Internet Data Centers

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