LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
The perfect alternative for a sealed lead acid battery, offering the highest levels of dependability, safety, longevity and temperature performance.
Power Storage Wall
The ideal energy storage backup solution for private residences, commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities and companies.
Lithium Battery Module
A cutting-edge modular design that combines a number of modules to provide optimum power. The ideal option for businesses variable power requirements.
Home ESS
Home ESS is dedicated to making the reliable and affordable one stop solar battery solution for customers according to the different applications of self-consumption, back-up power and time of use etc.

We're OEM / ODM Lithium Battery Factory

Redway Power is a Lithium based battery manufacturing factory backed up with top-notch R&D and is focused towards providing the Best Energy Storage Solutions to the world. As an OEM company, we adhere to our clients custom battery requirements and lead the industry as premium battery manufacturer and supplier.

Production Capacity
Served Families
Production base
area of 86,000 sq ft
R&D Engineers

Products & Applications

Full Industrial Chain

Redway Power's goal is to add value for its clients, and the company upholds this commitment by establishing a vertically integrated industry chain that includes "material end, battery end, and product end," as well as by integrating top-notch Battery Management System BMS,rigid battery Packs and premium battery raw materials.
  • Raw Materials
    Battery Materials

    . Cathode and anode materials
    . Lithium iron phosphate (LFP)
    . Pure cobalt
    . LCO
    . NMC

  • Battery Materials

    . Cylindrial
    . Prismatic
    . Pouch Cell
    . Diverse Products

  • Cell
    Battery Management System

    . Energy Storage Battery BMS
    . 3C BMS
    . EV BMS

  • Battery System
    Battery PACK

    . Energy Storage System
    . Industrial Applications
    . Power Bank
    . EV Battery

Over 10 years of collective experience in R&D and Custom Lithium Battery Production

Committed to Providing Cost-Effective Products and Perfect Solutions to Users around the World.


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