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12-72V LiFePO4 Batteries Factory Wholesale

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Discover the exceptional performance of Redway Power’s 12-72V LiFePO4 Batteries! Up to 6000 times deep cycles (DOD 80%). Perfectly suited for various applications, such as Energy storage, RVs, Solar systems, Marine vessels, Yachts, Scooters, and Emergency power supply needs, our 12-72V LiFePO4 Batteries are the reliable choice for all your energy storage requirements. Reach out to Redway now for a Quick FREE Quote.

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Best-selling 12V-72V Lithium Batteries

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We're a Leading Lithium Batteries Manufacturer from China

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  • Rank TOP 10 in China for Lithium Batteries manufacturing 12 years of manufacturing experience.
  • With a professional after-sale service team.
  • Unbeatable price compared with other suppliers under the same quality.
Redway Power ISO9001:2015 Certification
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Hot Applications

RV LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Factory from redway power


LiFePO4 Marine Batteries Manufacturer

Marine Boat, Electric Boat, Yacht

Golf Cart LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Factory from redway power

Golf Carts / Tour LSV / LEV / Club Car

Floor Cleaning Machine lithium battery manufacturer from redway power

Floor Clean Machine / Sweeper

LiFePO4 Forklift Batteries OEM Factory forklift lithium battery

Forklift / AGV / AMR

Electric motocycle lithium battery manufacturer in china factory

Electric Scooter / Electric Motocycle / Electric Tricycle


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LiFePO4 Batteries Wholesale
Redway LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries offer superior longevity and reliability, lasting 10-15 years with over 4000 cycles. Lighter than lead-acid batteries, they provide ample power for diverse applications like golf carts, RVs, and solar lights. Customization options cater to specific needs, while advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity and Battery Level Indicators enhance functionality. Integrated with a smart BMS system, they ensure seamless compatibility with leading inverters for optimal performance and safety.
What is the wholesale price of lithium battery?

You can click contact us or phone call us. We will give you multiple options of price.

Is Redway Power a trading company or factory?

Redway Power is a company with its own factory, integrating research, development, production, and sales.

How about the quality of Redway's LiFePo4 Battery product?

Redway Power boasts over 12 years of experience in LiFePO4 battery production and is an authorized supplier for CATL and BYD.

Can you do an OEM/ODM project?

Yes, we have engineers available to assist in designing and developing any related products.

What’s your MOQ?

MOQ varies according to battery voltage and capacity.

What payment terms can we accept?

We accept TT/Paypal/West Union, etc.

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