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Redway Battery ISO 9001:2015 High Quality Management

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Over 12 Years of OEM/ODM Experience

Redway's Commitment to Superior Lithium Battery Quality

Redway's excellence in lithium battery technology is mirrored in its stringent quality management. From sourcing materials to assembly, every step undergoes rigorous testing and adherence to international standards. This commitment extends to continuous R&D, refining designs for enhanced performance and safety.

Their quality ethos integrates sustainability, ensuring eco-friendly practices throughout production. Redway's track record speaks volumes, delivering high-performance batteries for diverse industries, setting new benchmarks. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability cements Redway's leadership in lithium battery quality management.

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Redway Factory Service Process

Our lithium battery engineers and sales representatives connect with global customers.

1. Inquiry

The experienced sales representatives will look at the submitted documents to evaluate the information provided.

2. Evaluation

Once we acquire all necessary info regarding your inquiry, our engineering department will develop the best solution based on your need.

3. Specification Verification

Engineers will send the best solution found to our sales representative and relay the information back to you to verify the solution provided.

4. Quotation

Once you verify the solution, we will formally send an estimated cost of service including any related fees to the fulfillment of the service.

5. Sample Production

Before moving to mass production, sample batteries will be provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

6. Price Verification

Once satisfied with the performance of samples and final design; a formal document of total price of services will be sent to you for final verification.

7. Production Schedule

Once the order has been paid, a timeframe of the production will be relayed to you by your sales representatives.

8. Shipment

Batteries will be shipped to the customer’s designated location.

This is Redway Power Trolley Lithium Battery Sample Production.

2023 EU Best Seller, 24V 100Ah Lithium Battery

This is Redway 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Introductoin.