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Zigong Redway Power Lithium Battery Cell Project Officially Launched


Zigong Redway Power Lithium Battery Cell Project officially launched on November 23. The launch event for the main projects in the fourth quarter of 2022 took place in Zigong City, Sichuan Province. The host formally kicked off the Redway Power Group unveiling ceremony at 9:30 a.m. to the sounds of the salute. In front of thousands of employees, who were watching and waiting, the CEO and departmental directors jointly unrolled a sizable red brocade that read Redway Power Group. The brocade featured bold blue lettering that was the perfect way to present Redway Power Group to the world and announce its official establishment.

Redway Power is on its way to glory with a newer perspective and a superior blueprint, corroborated by 12 years of experience and profitability. Employees at Redway Power are the heart of the business, demonstrating commitment, creativity, ingenuity, and hard work to contribute to the company’s expansion and success.

Collectivization of Redway Power is not only in line with historical precedent but also the wise course of action, taking into account the hopes and aspirations of thousands of Redway Power employees for a prosperous future. This significant turning point marks the beginning of a new era for Redway Power. It also marks a new starting point.

Redway Power keeps enhancing its energy structure and implementing green energy and lithium battery recycling materials to achieve sustainable green development. Redway Power realizes the coordinated growth of economic and social benefits, constructs a green supply chain of the circular economy, implements a recycling layout, supports low-carbon emission requirements of batteries, and, in the end, adds value for customers.

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